is a Waldorf inspired enrichment program for homeschoolers ages six through fourteen, offered by experienced Waldorf School teachers.

At Homeschool Haven we believe that there lives in every child an artist with a deep love of learning and an unlimited potential to create.

We are committed to imbuing our students with ...
  • Confidence in their power to create unique and beautiful work
  • A love of language, both native and foreign
  • A firm foundation in math
  • Respect for themselves, each other, their environment, the earth
  • An experience where each student is an invaluable member of the group

    • Independent thinking and respect for the thoughts of others
    • Reverence for the world's beauty and wonder

    We offer our students the opportunity to immerse  themselves in a specific topic by exploring it with heart, head and hands.

    Experienced teachers give lively presentations of lesson content, including stories and descriptions attuned to the age of the child. The students will feel the deep satisfaction of creating their own text books, recording what they learned and illustrating the books with their own drawings.

    Daily, they will experience the joy of singing, playing recorder, reciting verses, and moving as a group. 

    Brain Gym (simple movements and energy exercises used in Educational Kinesiology to enhance whole brain learning) will center them and support their learning potential.

    Water color painting, dance, games, and practical activities, woven into the daily schedule, will provide a healthy balance to learning, an opportunity for the students to  focus and let go, to "breathe in and out." 

    A day at Homeschool Haven is a day every homeschooler should have the privilege to experience!